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Welcome to the International Tarot Day Blog Hop – I’m so excited to see you here, and to see all the wonderful work my fellow tarot lovers have created. I hope you enjoyed Freya’s post about the King of Pentacles…I have the challenge of bringing the Ace of Cups to life for you.

Ah, self love. Self care.

We all know how important a little self care is, don’t we? We all see the Insta-worthy quotes telling us to love ourselves first and foremost.

But do you actually know what it means to love yourself completely? {Hint: it’s way more than bubble baths and pretty quote cards}


Ace of Cups Shadowscapes Fountain tarot

I use tarot not so much for divination as for understanding and focusing on certain energies. So if I want to understand energies around me, I pull cards intuitively and spend time with them. If I want to focus on bringing something into my life, I’ll choose a relevant card to meditate on.

The Ace of Cups is the card I turn to when I want to focus on self love.  As the primary card of the suit of Cups, it represents the purest form of love.

And what purer form of love could there be than that which we show to ourselves? If we practice self love correctly, there is no truer, purer or stronger love…we can be our own mamas, best friends, gentle kick-up-the-bum and so much more when we’re grounded in a powerful self love practice.

But…if it were that simple, we’d all be doing it, right? The simple fact that so many of us have a really crappy relationship with ourselves, and use our inner narrative to beat ourselves up, shows that true self love is more often a dream than a reality.

So how can the Ace of Cups help? The traditional Rider Waite image {and of many Rider Waite inspired decks} is of a cup overflowing with water in an endless fountain. The water showers down over flowers or hands {depending on the deck} and into a deep, tranquil pool.

What does this tell me?

//Love is never-ending. Although we may not know where it springs from, there is no risk of it ever running out. It will flow and flow whether you accept it into your life or not – so you may as well give in and go with the flow {pun intended…}

//Love doesn’t care what you do or how you let life get in the way…it is simply there, powerful and constant. So forgive yourself whatever you imagine your sins to be and accept the flow.

//Love is always there. It’s up to you whether you want to turn towards it and accept it or not.


My challenge to you is to pull the Ace of Cups from your favourite deck and keep it close to you for a couple of days. Sleep with it under your pillow, keep it in your purse, journal about it.

Ask it how you can start to allow the flow of love into your life, and most importantly, how you can direct the flow towards yourself.

And commit to starting your own powerful self love practice xo

I hope you all have been enjoying this very first International Tarot Day blog hop! Please visit Melanie Lucia’s blog  next for her thoughts on the Two of Cups xx



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