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Beware the spiritual fad

This morning, as I sipped tea and purged my inbox of its overnight detritus, I found an email from a blogger I hadn’t heard from for a while. I first followed her because I loved her small business insights, and because she was obviously being completely and utterly her fierce, powerful self and loving it. Then after a few months she announced she was doing a rebrand and she’d be back soon with some exciting new products.

All good. A change is as good as a rest and all that.

So when I saw her email this morning, I jumped on it, eager to see what she was offering.

She’d pulled off a stunning rebrand. Her photos were gorgeous, perfectly lit and composed. She looked fabulous. Her clothes and accessories were right – different to before, but still beautiful. Her hair and make up were right – softer than before, but still flattering. She looked every inch a successful woman in charge of her destiny.

I carried on scrolling, more keen than ever to see what her new insights were.

Her copy was on point – but again, different than before, speaking of the importance of embracing our divine feminine nature in our business lives. How we’d focused on the masculine for too long. Now it was time to step into our softness, our gentleness and our feminine power.

Her product was…the same as before. Just with the words ‘goddess’ and ‘divine feminine’ appended.

My heart dropped.

My powerfully real, inspiring and passionate blogger had jumped firmly onto the latest spiritual fad and sold herself out in the process.

Beware spiritual fads

Spirituality is big business. And there’s nothing wrong with people making money from their spiritual work – hell, I do.

There’s nothing wrong with taking time to refine your offerings or make sure that you’re presenting your real self to the world. If you’d seen the number of iterations this blog has had…

What is wrong is people using spiritual modalities as a cloak, a costume, to make themselves appeal to a different segment of the market – without actually honouring that modality within themselves.

Right now, it’s the divine feminine and goddess energy. A few years ago it was angels, before that channeling and before even that, manifestation, all thanks to The Secret.

I love and have respect for all of those modalities. I know people who’ve worked with those energies for years and embody them to the very depths of their soul. I know people who’ve only just discovered them, and the thrill and joy of working in a field that finally feels in alignment with their soul just shine out of them. Genuine connection has nothing to do with tenure.

But as much as I love those fields, and love my friends’ and colleagues’ work, you’ll not find me offering services around them. Why? Because what lights me up is archetype and shadow work, using the tarot and other tools.

Offering anything else would not be honouring my truth, or the dedication, focus and talents of other practitioners.

Whenever I see someone jumping on a spiritual fad, I feel sad. For them, because the artifice of what they’re offering is obvious. And for the genuine practitioners out there, whose work is cheapened by someone who thinks all it takes is the right clothes, images and copy.

And you…?

As the client, how do you know where to turn?

How do you know who’s a genuine practitioner and who’s just tapping into the latest fad to get you to part with your hard-earned cash?

You need to do your research. One of the best things about the spiritual community is that its small and tightly knit. If someone is being disingenuous, word gets around pretty quickly.

And you need to trust your intuition. That can be hard, I know, especially when someone is promising you the world for $997 with a four-part easy payment plan…

If in doubt, don’t. Spend a bit more time getting to know your chosen practitioner. Someone who’s genuinely working to their calling won’t be going anywhere.

For what it’s worth, the blogger and her sudden transformation are already being called out by people in the community. It will be interesting to see how long it is before she rebrands again.

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