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I don’t mean you need to lead an austere, monastic existence.

But in order to hear our soul’s whispers, we need to create white space in our lives. And that means simplifying.

Cutting down on commitments, releasing old ideas and beliefs, and starting to silence the incessant white noise that forms the backdrop to living.

Start with five minutes a day of silence and just being with yourself (#soulhack – the shower is a great place for this).

Then – no music, no television, no social media for those five minutes. Breathe deeply. If you like, envisage white light surrounding and filling your body.

Set the intention to listen to your soul’s guidance.

As you practice this five minutes of simply being on a daily basis, allow yourself to follow any intuitive hits you get to create further space in your life.

Maybe its to cancel that one commitment that always leaves you drained. Or to block time out in your diary for reading every day. Or to disconnect from a social network.

Whatever it is, follow the clues. And be willing to swap white noise for white space.

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