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Back in 2007 when I went on my first spiritual retreat, I came home feeling like I was floating. Even navigating the airport, taxi queue and coming back to a cold and empty house couldn’t burst my bubble.

I felt alive, stripped back, ready for a new way of being…


I came home with instructions. Our teacher, mindful of how easy it is to experience an emotional crash after any kind of immersion, had talked us through a series of daily practices designed to keep our vibration high and our connection….well, connected I guess.

Following her guidance, my days started with a 40 minute chakra meditation and half an hour of journalling using an oracle card as a prompt. During the day we needed to spend as much time outside as possible, preferably an hour and preferably sitting under a tree.  And the evening rituals included grounding, cleansing and shielding, plus more journalling and meditation. Working through it ‘properly’ took a good 90 minutes.

So according to our teacher, we needed to spend over three hours every day just to ‘maintain’ where we were after our weekend with her.

I’m sure you can imagine what happened.


Work, family, friends, eating, exercising…all things I needed to do to take care of my physical self. All things I couldn’t neglect.

I didn’t have three hours a day spare for my soul.

But I missed the buzz of daily spiritual practice.


I set about finding another way, a way of integrating spiritual practice into my day without needing to give up my social life, or get up an hour earlier than normal. I still follow some of these practices – at times more than others – because they work. They help connect me and ground me. They help me clarify my thoughts and feelings.

They might work for you to.


The daily draw

Hands up who’s seen the Instagrams of intuitives starting their day with green tea, journal and tarot cards. Looks blissful, doesn’t it? I can just feel the universal knowledge flowing…

My day starts with coercing an indecisive toddler out of her PJs and into some kind of kinder-appropriate clothing while the baby chucks fruit toast on the floor, which the cat then helpfully gobbles up for me.

Sometimes I’ve been up for two hours before I realise I haven’t even made it to the bathroom yet…

An early morning draw is just a fantasy for me right now. If you’re the same, then you can try:

  • drawing a card at night, popping it under your pillow and letting your dreams do the rest;
  • drawing a card and snapping a picture of it on your phone – that way you can come back to it when you have a minute or two during the day; or
  • use a tarot or oracle card app {Brigit has a list of free tarot apps on her blog} during your lunch break.
Leave it at the door

No one wants to bring work worries or friends’ dramas home, but for sensitive souls it can be really hard to leave other people’s issues behind. If we’re not trying to work out how to help them, we’re silently beating ourselves up convinced that we’ve somehow done something to upset them…

Yeah, I know. Welcome to being empathetic.

All you need for this practice is a stone. You can go get a fancy crystal if you want, but one of those smooth garden pebbles works just as well. As long as it can fit in your palm and you don’t mind leaving it outside, you’re set.

On your way home from work or whatever busy, stressful situation you may have been in, hold your stone in one hand and focus on letting the worries pour into it.  Squeeze it, roll it around in your palm, hold it over your heart…whatever it takes, just be clear in your mind, heart and soul that this little stone is caretaking your worries for you.

{Don’t worry, it can handle them.}

Then…leave it outside the front door. For bonus points, leave it somewhere where moonlight can reach it for a bit of an extra cleanse.

Allow your worries to stay with it, and relax. You can always pick them up again tomorrow morning.

Shower cleanse

Another good one for the empaths out there, this is useful if you’re still feeling icky after you’ve left your worries at the door. Sometimes other people’s energies can be really sticky, and that’s where cleansing your own energy comes in.

I love doing this one at night – after a day of being a punching-bag/sounding-board for my toddler and babe, I’m usually in need of an emotional and spiritual cleanse as well as a physical one.

It’s really simple.

Turn on the shower. Get it to the temperature you like. Stand under the water.

Now it your mind’s eye, imagine what the icky energy looks like. Some people describe it as a fog surrounding them. Others as sticky black dust on their skin. Or a spider web wrapped around them.

Whatever you see, let the shower start to wash it away. Maybe it’s white light flowing down with the water that shifts it. Or magical bubbles in your body wash that get rid of the dust.

Maybe you need to start singing to help loosen up that web.

It doesn’t matter – just do what feels right, and know that by the end of your shower all that negative energy has gone down the drain.


Do you have simple tips and tricks you use to keep your energy high? Feel free to share in the comments.

Go gently,

Clare xo

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