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Self & Soul. Aligned.


Simple. Soulful. Satisfying.

Yes, life can be all of that, and some…

Join me to find out more.



Your life feels full, but empty….

Everyone else seems to skip through life without a care while you…

…can’t find the end of your to do list, no matter how many things you tick off…

…can’t stop worrying that someone’s going to realise you’re a fraud…

…can’t remember what it’s like to feel like yourself…

Your planner is full. Your day is mapped out to the minute. You know exactly what you ‘should’ be doing.

But your soul is begging for a time out.


…loosening up that white-knuckle grip and going with the flow…

…being able to say ‘thanks, but no thanks’ when everyone expects you to say ‘yes’…

…being able to let go of how you think things SHOULD be, and getting excited by how great they COULD be…

Imagine having space in your life for yourself again.

That’s what Self & Soul can give you.

Self & Soul is an eight week coaching program where we deep dive into where you are right now {‘cos if you don’t get clear on that, you can’t work out how to get where you want to be}, work out how to create space in your life for you and then design just enough structure to make sure your mental, emotional and spiritual wellness never take the back seat again.

When We Work Together You’ll Get:

>>Personalised pre-coaching energy reading to check out where you are and set the space
>>Four  x 1:1 skype sessions over the course of eight weeks
>>Email support between our sessions
>>Guidance in developing your own sacred, soul-affirming rituals to support your spirit
>>Follow up energy reading six months after sign-up to see just how far you’ve come

Investment – $947



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