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Your life looks perfect but feels empty.

Overwhelmed. Scattered. Stressed.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

I believe that life can be simple, soulful and satisfying.

And my mission is to help you fill your life with grace and ease.

Hey lovely!

I’m Clare, a coach, author and tarot geek.

And most importantly – I’ve been there.

Desperately trying to keep everyone happy.

Propping up the facade of a perfect life.

Saying yes when when I wanted to say no…

Slowly, I’m learning there is another way.

A way to honour mind, body and soul.

A way to live gently, simply and still get the important shit done.

A way to get your self and your soul on the same page.

Ready for change?

I combine coaching, intuitive readings and tarot to help you find your own path out of Controlsville and into graceful, holistic living.

Because a perfect life is no life at all if it comes at the cost of your mental, emotional and spiritual health.

Join the She Is Zen community and start your journey to simple, soulful and satisfying living.

More about me….


Tea, tarot, books, kindness, cats. And Marmite.


Liquorice, lemon curd, take-away coffee cups, arrogance.


Tattoos {do I need another one?}, city living, pilates.

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Ready for a simple, soulful, satisfying life?

Join the She Is Zen community and take your first step to inner peace

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